NYCA U12, U14 & U18 Championships, Oxford, 4th November 2023

On Saturday 4th November, Sussex Junior Chess took 6 teams of 6 players to ‘The National Youth Chess Association Junior Team Championships’.

With 36 players and at least 36 parents present a really good day was had by all.

  • The U12 A team finished in second place, passing Richmond in the final round to win the trophies. Star player: Rose Burgess, 3 out of 3, board 6.
  • The U12 B team scored an incredible 5 out of 6 in the final round to win the B team trophies. Star player: Samuel Shah, 2 out of 3, board 1.
  • The U14 A team had some really good performances despite missing a few key players. Star player: Ryan Martin, 3 out of 3, board 4.
  • The U14 B team narrowly managed to win the B team prize with a win in almost the last game of the tournament. Star player: Charlie Wannasin Bell, 2 out of 3, board 2.
  • The U18 A team was very strong and finished in joint 1st place. Star player: Louis Buckland, 3 out of 3, board 2.
  • The U18 B team had some really good results and won the B team prize. Star player: Sebastian Merchant, 2.5 out of 3, board 5.

A big thank you to all the players for attending and to all the parents for bringing them.

U12 A

  1. Anh Nguyen
  2. Samuel Merchant
  3. Aditya Gupta
  4. Hal Gomez
  5. James Ratcliffe
  6. Rose Burgess

U12 B

  1. Samuel Shah
  2. Edward Nethercott
  3. Nathan Waller
  4. Layth Ahamad
  5. Iaroslav Sinkevich
  6. Bella Walsh

U14 A

  1. Luke Chapman
  2. Thomas Irani
  3. Ashton Gadiot
  4. Ryan Martin
  5. Henri Blin
  6. Mathias Keiler


  1. Zebadiah Taylor
  2. Charlie Wannasin Bell
  3. Cillian Nagy
  4. Liam Finlay
  5. Ben Collins
  6. Joshua Tolhurst(U12)


  1. Henry Adams
  2. Louis Buckland
  3. Ben Crosby
  4. Tim Hedger
  5. Tadeusz Tompset
  6. Elizabeth Finn


  1. Elena Currah
  2. Jacob Wynn
  3. Thomas Martin
  4. Mathew Collins
  5. Sebastian Merchant
  6. Albert Eldridge