Sussex Under-11s vs. St.Albans Early Knights

The first outing for our new 2021 Under-11 squad was an inter-club friendly with St. Albans Early Knights which took place on Monday 26th January 2021 on the popular online platform, Lichess.

Thanks to Matt Ball of St.Albans for making this match possible and congratulations to St. Albans on their 24-18 victory.

The format was a 21 board match; 2 games against the same opponent, with a time control 20 mins plus 10 secs increment.

St. Albans had White in the first round and won by 13.5 to 7.5.  In the second round with reverse colours, it came out 10.5 points apiece.

There were some great long games and all the Sussex players should be proud of their efforts, regardless of their individual results.

Sussex Squad:

James Beecroft, Henri Blin, George Boxer, Angharad Fraser-Jenkins, Luke Freeman, Niamh Grace, Ned Hafner, Caspar Irani, Thomas Irani, Risha Jithendra, Joseph Johnson, Austin Mitchell, Cillian Nagy, Nayan Keats Rastogi, Amelie Rees, Kaysan Salajee, Taran Sharma, Ann Tagg, George Tagg, Natalie van Hoven, Charlie Wannasin Bell

It is hoped to have a re-match in February.

Dave Graham

Sussex Under-11 Manager