Sussex Under-11s vs. St. Alban’s Early Knights, 22nd March 2021

Many thanks to St.Albans and Matt Ball for making this match possible. Back in January St.Albans won 24-18 but this time, strengthened by the addition of our top under 9s, we turned things around with a 26-18 win.

The format was a 22 board match, 2 games against the same opponent, time control 20 mins plus 10 secs increment.

St.Albans had white in the first round and were ahead with a slender 11.5 to 10.5 lead.  In the second round with reverse colours, our strength in depth really came to the fore and we won the round 15.5 to 6.5.

There were many highlights and strong performances throughout the team and it was great to see many of the children using their time well.

I am hoping to set-up one more match or a squad training before the national final on May 8th.

The Sussex squad:

Emily Ashcroft, Henri Blin, George Boxer, Aidan Burnside, Nicholas Deacon, Luke Freeman, Niamh Grace, Aditya Gupta, Caspar Irani, Thomas Irani, Risha Jithendra, Joseph Johnson, Louisa Kiss, Seha Konara, Samuel Merchant, Austin Mitchell, Cillian Nagy, Amelie Rees, Kaysan Salajee, Avyanna Singh, Charlie Wannasin Bell