Under 11 Inter-County Team Battle 20th March 2021

Today saw our Under 11s compete in the latest online event organised by Barnet in place of the usual EPSCA over the board inter-county championships.

The format was a fast and furious team battle – great fun, but not always the best thing for developing chess technique!

Team Coach Dave Graham commented:

“A terrific effort from the Sussex squad today.

It is important not to read too much into the team result – the system of scoring in the arena battles does not encourage careful, slow and fighting chess.

I was pleased to see the team trying to get the best from every game and generally using their time well.

There were many strong individual performances throughout the team and some terrific long, hard fought games were won.”

Thanks to Angela Eyton and Barnet for organising a great fun event.

Sussex Squad:

Henri Blin, George Boxer, Aidan Burnside, Nicholas Deacon, Luke Freeman, Niamh Grace, Aditya Gupta, Caspar Irani, Thomas Irani, Risha Jithendra, Joseph Johnson, Louisa Kiss, Seha Konara, Samuel Merchant, Austin Mitchell, Cillian Nagy, Nayan Keats Rastogi, Amelie Rees, Kaysan Salajee, Taran Sharma, Avyanna Singh, Ann Tagg, George Tagg, Charlie Wannasin Bell