East Grinstead Bookshop vs Crowborough Juniors – Round 2

Following last Sundays pioneering event, this afternoon 10 more SJC juniors representing Crowborough online club and East Grinstead Bookshop had the opportunity to play over the board chess at an historic venue.

Representing EGB: Cillian Nagy, Ann Tagg, Luke Freeman, George Tagg, Aidan Burnside
Representing Crowborough: Daniel Donaghy, Joseph Johnson, Rafe Chapman, Sorcha Chapman, Gregory DaCosta
The match took place across the board in 2 seperate rooms. This was the second successive Sunday match between the two teams. 
Each board was separated by an acrylic screen and players were 1 metre plus apart in a well ventilated room.
Once again the match was played in perfect match conditions and in an excellent spirit with Crowborough prevailing in the closest of contests.
John Pye, the Bookshop owner, was warmly thanked for ensuring this was such a special occasion for all the juniors and their parents.

Information about Crowborough Chess Club.

Information about East Grinstead Bookshop Chess Club.