South East England vs Wales, 1st June 2019

Sussex members of the SE England teams

13 Sussex players were selected to represent SE England in this annual fixture with Wales, held in Chepstow, organised by the National Chess Junior Squad.

The event takes the form of two rounds over 12 boards, in each of two age groups – under 12, and under 14.

Representing Sussex in the Under 12 team were NCJS members Elena Currah, Adam Faulkner, Abhi Jadav and Timmy Hedger. Despite defaulting a board, SE England won both rounds.

SE England Under 12 Wales Under 12
R1 R2 Total Total R1 R2
7 15½ 5

The under 14 match was much closer. With three games to go, all involving Sussex players, SE England needed 1 point for a draw or 1½ to win the match. A win for Arjun secured the draw, followed by another win for Elizabeth winning the match.

SE England Under 14 Wales Under 14
R1 R2 Total Total R1 R2
7 6 13 11 5 6

The Sussex players were Ben Crosby, Peter Crosby, Oliver Faulkner, Elizabeth Finn, Alec Hedger, Tom Howeson, Arjun Kolani, Thomas Martin and Polina Shchepinova.