Sussex Megafinal

The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge

Sussex Megafinal – Saturday 12th May 2018 – Downlands Community School, Hassocks

 Nationally, over 40,000 children enter the UK Chess Challenge through their School or Chess Club. In Sussex, nearly 80 Schools joined in the fun this year resulting in 388 children taking up their qualifying places at the Megafinal. Just to get that far is an achievement in itself.

This is a unique event where children of all ages playing their first ever tournament rub shoulders with County and even National level players. The standard overall was very high – there were many County level players present and in the Upper Hall several England players. But several of last years first time players are now this years County players. So if you didn’t make the next level this year don’t be disappointed – you will have benefitted from the higher level of competition – keep practising and come back next year to try again.

It was a truly County-wide event with some players travelling considerable distances – I spotted Chichester in the West to Hastings in the East; there must have been some early breakfasts!

This year we were pleased to welcome Delancey Schools UK Chess Challenge directors Sarah and Alex Longson. Having taken over the running of the Chess Challenge last season they are keen to meet the participants and hear feedback. Having toured all the playing halls and watched some games, Sarah presented the prizes to the U7s.

Congratulations to those children who qualified for the Southern Region Gigafinal in Twickenham in July – over 170 of them. On average, we would expect a handful to make it through to the final stage – the Terafinal – will it be you?

We are a not-for-profit organisation and everyone you saw helping was a volunteer – most were also trying to support their own children through the highs and lows of the day at the same time. Without this support it simply wouldn’t be possible to run this event, so many thanks to;

Friday Set Up Team: Derek Ferguson, Mark Godwin, John Higgs, Keith Martin, Karen Meakings, Trevor Norton, Gareth Rees

Car parking : Jan Crosby, Graham Banks, Simon Ralph

Registration Team: Mark Appleton, Karen Keeling-Munn, Mimi Khan, Anita McMahon, Claire Ralph, James Rayment, Jen Robertson, Boo Sherriff and Lucinda Weis supported by ‘runners’ Elizabeth Finn and Toby Appleton

Catering Team: Jane Armstrong, Caroline Bartrom, Teresa Blades, Ed Chapman, Derek Ferguson, Keith Martin, Debbie Steenhuis, Pam Stockham

Photography: David Gray

U7 Team: Gary McCulloch, Karen Meakings

Lower Hall Team: Mark Appleton, Tom Borland, Mark Currah, Dave Graham, Sue Howell, Karen Keeling-Munn, Anita McMahon, Andy Mitchell, Liz Neale, Trevor Norton, Rasa Norinkeviciute,

Upper Hall Team: Shaun Brewer, Peter & Catherine Finn, Mike Forster, Jaideep Jadav, Chris Jones, Chris Howell, Chaski Patrick, Adrian Vyse

Clearing Up: Tjadine Ullmann 

…and finally the parents, teachers and friends who gave up their Saturday to allow their children to take part

We hope you and your child enjoyed the day. If so, we would love to see you at some of our other events. We run training sessions and tournaments at various venues across the county. Our calendar lists the events for the current season, which is drawing to a close. We hope to have our new calendar for the 2018 – 2019 season finalised by July.

Photo Galleries:


Main Hall (U8-U11 Girls, U8-U9 Boys, U12 Boys & Girls)

Upstairs Hall (U10 Boys, U11 Boys, U13-U18s)


Prizewinners and Gigafinal Qualifiers:

Age Score Title Name School/Club
U7 Boys 5 Supremo Alexander  Lloyd Steyning Primary
U7 Boys 4.5 2nd James Beecroft Lindfield Primary Academy
U7 Boys 4.5 3rd= Luke Chapman Little Common Primary
U7 Boys 4.5 3rd= Jensen  Bladd Symms  Dorset House
U7 Boys 4.5 3rd= Christopher  Yousif Arundel CE Primary
U7 Boys 4   Nayan Keats Rastogi Ardingly College Prep School
U7 Boys 3.5   Dean Bradford Sacred Heart, Hastings
U7 Boys 3.5   Luke Freeman Forest Row
U7 Boys 3.5   William Kirby Green Sacred Heart, Wadhurst
U7 Boys 3.5   Joshua Li Homefield Prep School
U7 Boys 3.5   Robbie Mclean Blackboys Primary School
U7 Boys 3.5   Cem Ozdemirciler West Park Primary Worthing
U7 Boys 3.5   Konrad Pokorowski Worthing Knights
U7 Boys 3.5   Keshav  Saharan Crawley Down Village School
U7 Boys 3.5   William Stockley Lindfield Primary Academy
U7 Boys 3.5   Baxter Ulliott Sacred Heart, Wadhurst
U7 Girls 2.5 Suprema Mischa Floyd Blackboys Primary School

Additional Sussex Junior Chess Prizes (U7 Section):

William Stockley Lindfield Primary Academy Top U6
Theo Field Ardingly College U6 2nd place
William Roderick Lindfield Primary Academy Top U5
Lewis Day Ardingly College Arbiter’s award
Raul Rodrigues Great Walstead Arbiter’s award
Michael Schoeman Ardingly College Arbiter’s award
Isabella Walsh Burgess Hill JCC Arbiter’s award


Age Score Title Name School/Club
U8 Boys 6 Supremo Charlie Wannasin Bell Burgess Hill JC
U8 Boys 5 2nd= Taran Sharma Copthorne Prep
U8 Boys 5 2nd= Austin Mitchell Wallands Primary
U8 Boys 4   Cillian Nagy Crawley Down C of E
U8 Boys 4   Zen Rajah Lancing Prep at Worthing
U8 Boys 4   Ned Hafner Dorset House
U8 Boys 4   Edward Barker Blackthorns Community Primary Academy
U8 Boys 4   Arana Jones Meath Green Junior
U8 Boys 4   Sebastian Marsh Dorset House
U8 Boys 3.5   Jasper Miles Hampton Prep School
U8 Boys 3.5   Zach Planton Lancing Prep at Worthing
U8 Boys 3.5   Emerson Purvis Arundel CE Primary
U8 Boys 3.5   Edward Gray Great Walstead
U8 Boys 3.5   Ioannis Hudson Estcots Primary School
U8 Boys 3.5   Joseph O’Connor Crawley Down Village School
U8 Boys 3.5   Oliver Seeds Arundel CE Primary
U8 Boys 3.5   Woody Rogers Blackwell Primary
U8 Girls 6 Suprema Amelie Rees Copthorne Prep
U8 Girls 5 2nd Lowenna Godfrey Blackboys
U8 Girls 4 3rd Ava Halvatzis Windmills Junior
U9 Boys 5.5 Supremo Toby Ralph Lancing Prep at Hove
U9 Boys 5 2nd= Hugo Ullmann Blackboys
U9 Boys 5 2nd= Jack Lai Rocks Park Primary
U9 Boys 5 2nd= James Bashford Broadwater CE Primary
U9 Boys 5 2nd= Kit Blades Lancing Prep at Hove
U9 Boys 4.5   Oliver Stockham Crowborough Junior CC
U9 Boys 4.5   Arun Gibbons Copthorne Prep
U9 Boys 4.5   Alex Rogers Pereira Southover Primary, Lewes
U9 Boys 4   Jacob Trotman Wallands Primary, Lewes
U9 Boys 4   Joshua Seet Woking Junior CC
U9 Boys 4   Alfred Sherlock Goldstone Primary
U9 Boys 4   Rex Rynish Copthorne Prep
U9 Boys 3.5   Sam Godfrey Blackboys
U9 Boys 3.5   Frederick Bee London Meed
U9 Boys 3.5   Nikolaus Halvatzis Windmills Junior
U9 Boys 3.5   Oliver Wilson Westbourne House
U9 Boys 3.5   Huggie Barwell Lancing Prep at Hove
U9 Boys 3.5   Matthew Collins Holbrook Primary, Horsham
U9 Boys 3.5   Graham Stafford Ludgrove School
U9 Boys 3.5   Aotang Wang Ocklynge Junior School
U9 Boys 3.5   Henry Beard Forest Row
U9 Boys 3.5   Toby Appleton Ardingly 
U9 Boys 3.5   Harrison Orme Little Horsted
U9 Boys 3.5   Hugo Pelkonen Wallands Primary, Lewes
U9 Boys 3.5   Samuel Bird Sandown Primary
U9 Girls 6 Suprema Lucy Lai Rocks Park Primary
U9 Girls 4.5 2nd Millie Davis Goldstone Primary
U9 Girls 3.5 3rd= Eve Bradshaw Westbourne Primary School
U9 Girls 3.5 3rd= Emma Hardcastle Windmills Junior School
U9 Girls 3.5 3rd= Natasha King Westbourne House
U10 Boys 5.5 Supremo Abhi Jadav Brighton College Prep
U10 Boys 5.5 2nd (on tie-break) Timmy Hedger Sussex Junior Chess
U10 Boys 5 3rd= Matthew Armstrong Sussex Juniors
U10 Boys 5 3rd= Forest Purvis Arundel C of E Primary 
U10 Boys 5 3rd= James Robertson Lancing College Prep Hove
U10 Boys 4.5   Freddie Day Framfield CEP School
U10 Boys 4.5   Oliver Downey Lindfield Primary Academy
U10 Boys 4.5   Thomas Lawson Wivelsfield Primary
U10 Boys 4.5   Harry Taylor Iford and Kingston School
U10 Boys 4   Danny Biddlecombe Lancing College Prep
U10 Boys 4   Louis Buckland Wivelsfield Primary School
U10 Boys 4   Aleksandar Farmah Goldstone Primary School
U10 Boys 4   Will Smithyes Wallands Primary
U10 Boys 4   Lachlan Stewart Ardingly College 
U10 Boys 4   James Zheng Broadwater C of E
U10 Boys 3.5   Hugo Brown Harlands Uckfield 
U10 Boys 3.5   Rafe Chapman Crowborough Chess Club
U10 Boys 3.5   Cassian Clarke Bishop Tufnell Junior School
U10 Boys 3.5   Cameron Cooper Broadwater
U10 Boys 3.5   William Gray Great Walstead School
U10 Boys 3.5   Matthew Jessep Ardingly College
U10 Boys 3.5   Alexander Lebedev Hastingschess club
U10 Boys 3.5   Daniel Lloyd Steyning Primary School
U10 Boys 3.5   Paul MacCarthy Worthing Knights
U10 Boys 3.5   Max Massey Ardingly college
U10 Boys 3.5   Hugo Rickard Lindfield Primary School
U10 Boys 3.5   Zac Webber Crawley Down Village C of E
U10 Boys 3.5   Chamithu Wickramanayake Hastings Chess Club
U10 Boys 3.5   Alex Witcomb Westbourne House School
U10 Girls 5.5 Suprema Elena Currah Sacred Heart, Wadhurst
U10 Girls 5 2nd Ruby Davis Goldstone Primary
U10 Girls 4 3rd Lucy Hopkirk Crowborough Chess Club
U10 Girls 3.5   Emma Bowman Farlington School
U10 Girls 3.5   Madison Cox Worthing Knights
U10 Girls 3.5   Torridon Duffy London Meed
U10 Girls 3.5   Isabella Hull Crowborough Chess Club
U10 Girls 3.5   Thalia Quideau-Cronin West Park Primary
U10 Girls 3.5   Amalie Symonds Farlington School
U10 Girls 3.5   Thamadi Wickramanayake Hastings Chess Club
U11 Boys 5.5 Supremo Arjun Kolani Sussex Junior Chess
U11 Boys 5 2nd= Peter Crosby Great Walstead
U11 Boys 5 2nd= Augustas Jonikas Surbiton Chess Club
U11 Boys 5 2nd= Ayden Salajee Burgess Hill junior chess 
U11 Boys 4.5 3rd= Ben Crosby Great Walstead
U11 Boys 4.5 3rd= Javier Gomez Sussex Junior Chess
U11 Boys 4.5 3rd= Solomon Mitchell Wallands
U11 Boys 4.5 3rd= Jacob Wynn Wallands
U11 Boys 4   Thomas Kingsley St Margarets Primary School 
U11 Boys 4   Aywin Lau Sussex junior chess
U11 Boys 4   Joseph Leake West Park School
U11 Boys 3.5   Torran Ainsworth Hurstpierpoint College
U11 Boys 3.5   Zakariya AlRamsarran Windlesham School
U11 Boys 3.5   Jago Anderson Southover Church of England
U11 Boys 3.5   Nathanael Andrawos Windlesham School
U11 Boys 3.5   Joshua Bee London Meed Primary School 
U11 Boys 3.5   Stevie Clark Broadwater CE Primary
U11 Boys 3.5   Jacob Davies Ardingly College
U11 Boys 3.5   Oliver Gartshore Southover primary school
U11 Boys 3.5   Sonny Hudson Windlesham School
U11 Boys 3.5   Ethan Langridge Broadwater C of E school
U11 Boys 3.5   Harry Lincoln Copthorne Junior School
U11 Boys 3.5   Indigo Morris Amherst 
U11 Boys 3.5   Benjamin Pearce Crowborough Junior Chess Club
U11 Boys 3.5   Tristan Pender St Margarets Primary School 
U11 Boys 3.5   Matthew Sheehan Banstead Junior School 
U11 Boys 3.5   Jack Trelfa The Orchards Junior School  
U11 Boys 3.5   Benjamin Turner Birchwood Grove
U11 Boys 3.5   Alexander Ward Goldstone Primary school
U11 Boys 3.5   Jacob White Little Common Primary School
U11 Boys 3.5   Joseph Zheng Broadwater C of E
U11 Girls 6 Suprema Maya McMahon Horsham Junior CC
U11 Girls 5 2nd Madelaine Wilkinson Hurstpierpoint College
U11 Girls 4.5 3rd Lauren Manchester Hurstpierpoint College
U11 Girls 3.5   Tegan Baker Goldstone Primary
U11 Girls 3.5   Willow Elliott Hudson Sandown Primary
U11 Girls 3.5   Ruby Rayment Sussex Junior Chess
U11 Girls 3.5   Sophie Rees Copthorne Prep
U12 Boys 6 Supremo Callum Vyse Worthing Chess Club
U12 Boys 5 2nd Leo Yu Sussex Junior Chess
U12 Boys 4.5 3rd Henry Adams Brighton College
U12 Boys 4   Oliver Faulkner Sussex Junior Chess
U12 Boys 3.5   Thomas Dan Durrington High School
U12 Boys 3.5   Isaac Cooper Bohunt School, Worthing
U12 Boys 3.5   Thomas Martin Crowborough Junior CC
U12 Boys 3.5   Elliott Hookway Crowborough Junior CC
U12 Boys 3.5   Theo Hall Crowborough Junior CC
U12 Boys 3.5   Sterling Brown Ardingly College Prep School
U12 Boys 3.5   Leo Dorman Brighton & Hove Chess Club
U12 Boys 3.5   Lewis Elliott Downlands Community School
U12 Boys 3.5   Henry Langford Westbourne House School
U12 Boys 3.5   Tadeusz Tompsett Eastbourne Chess Club
U12 Girls 4.5 Suprema Lydia Munn Uckfield College
U12 Girls 4 2nd Elizabeth Finn St Catherines College
U12 Girls 3.5 3rd= Eloise Kay Horsham Junior CC
U12 Girls 3.5 3rd= Anna Sherriff Uckfield College
U13 Boys 5.5 Supremo Oliver Manchester Hurstpierpoint College
U13 Boys 5 2nd Giovanni Currah The Skinners School
U13 Boys 4.5 3rd Paul Fabian HJCC
U13 Boys 3.5   Karam Al-Robaie Skinners School
U13 Boys 3.5   Dino Buckwell Uckfield College
U13 Boys 3.5   Oliver Christian Uckfield College
U13 Boys 3.5   Nathan Drake Burgess Hill Academy 
U13 Boys 3.5   Rufus Hanna Lewes Old Grammar School
U13 Boys 3.5   Alec Hedger Sussex Juniors
U13 Boys 3.5   Daniel Longley Uckfield Junior Chess Club
U13 Boys 3.5   Thomas Massey Ardingly college
U13 Boys 3.5   Isaac Thackray Brighton College
U13 Boys 3.5   Madhavan Varadharajan Downlands community school 
U13 Boys 3.5   Leo Watts Downlands
U13 Boys 3.5   Max Wilton SJC
U13 Girls 2.5 Suprema Leah Douglas Downlands  Community  School
U13 Girls 4.5   Nilomi Desai Lady Eleanor Holles School
U14 Boys 4 Supremo Michael Banks St Andrews High School
U14 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Euan Hanna Lewes Old Grammar School
U14 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Ryan Sargent Downlands Community School
U14 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Charlie Wood Downlands Community School
U15 Boys 4.5 Supremo George Neale Worthing Chess Club
U15 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Max Bennett Worthing Chess Club
U15 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Daniel Finn St Catherines College
U15 Boys 3.5 eq 2nd Alex Miller Worthing Chess Club
U16  Boys 3.5 Supremo Joe Burch Worthing Knights
U16 Girls 4 Suprema Lilya Stewart Ardingly College
U16 Girls 3.5 2nd  Lucy Bradbury Worthing Knights
U16 Girls 1 3rd  Imogen Mitchell Worthing Knights
U17 Girls 3.5 Suprema Cassie Graham Worthing Knights
U17 Boys 5.5 Supremo Thomas Finn Bexhill College
U17 Boys 4.5 2nd Callum Brewer Brighton and Hove
U17 Boys 4 3rd Matthew Barton Burgess Hill Junior Chess
U18 Boys 3.5 Supremo Michael Stockham Uckfield College