Southern Gigafinal 2018

Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge – Southern Gigafinal, 30th June-1st July 2018, Orleans Park School, Twickenham

The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge journey started back in January in school chess clubs across the country with over 40,000 children entering nationwide.

In Sussex, nearly 80 Schools joined in the fun this year resulting in over 400 children taking up their qualifying places at the Sussex Megafinal held in May, of whom over 190 qualified for the Southern Gigafinal. Of those, 160 took up their places.

Younger boys (U7 – U10) compete on the Saturday, while all other age groups and all girl sections compete on the Sunday. Where entry numbers are large in an age-group the entry is split into parallel ‘A’ and ‘B’ sections designed to be of equal strength.

This year the rules for qualification to the final stage of the competition changed. Section winners earn the title Ultimo (boys), or Ultima (girls), and those finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd qualify for the final stage of the competition – the national Terafinal in September. Places are subject to tie-break rules so some players scoring 5 out of 6 found themselves squeezed out. However, everyone scoring 4 points or more qualified for a new, separate, ‘Challengers’ tournament replacing the “Silver Plate” of previous years.

Well done to everyone who took part – the Gigafinal is a unique event which offers the opportunity to play against the very best in the South of England – and that will only strengthen your play. There were some excellent individual results and peronal bests; whatever your score, come back again next year determined to improve your performance.

Prizewinners and Qualifiers:

Age Group Name Score Pos  
U7 Boys A Keshav Saharan 4   Challengers
U7 Boys A Nayan Keats Rastogi 4   Challengers
U8 Girls Amelie Rees 5 3rd Terafinal
U8 Boys A Taran Sharma 4   Challengers
U8 Boys B Charlie Wannasin Bell 4   Challengers
U9 Girls Lucy Lai 4   Challengers
U9 Boys A Kit Blades 5 4th Challengers
U9 Boys A James Bashford 4.5   Challengers
U9 Boys A Toby Ralph 4   Challengers
U9 Boys B Oliver Stockham 4   Challengers
U9 Boys C Hugo Ullmann 4   Challengers
U10 Boys B Abhi Jadav 5 3rd Terafinal
U10 Boys B James Robertson 4.5   Challengers
U10 Boys B Paul MacCarthy 4   Challengers
U10 Boys C Timmy Hedger 5 4th Challengers
U10 Boys C Cameron Cooper 4   Challengers
U10 Boys C Matthew Armstrong 4   Challengers
U11 Girls Sophie Rees 4.5   Challengers
U11 Girls Maya McMahon 4   Challengers
U11 Boys A Solomon Mitchell 5 Ultimo Terafinal
U11 Boys A Peter Crosby 4   Challengers
U11 Boys B Jacob Wynn 4   Challengers
U11 Boys C Ben Crosby 4   Challengers
U12 Boys Callum Vyse 4   Challengers
U12 Boys Henry Adams 4   Challengers
U13 Boys Alec Hedger 5 6th Challengers
U13 Boys Max Wilton 4   Challengers
U13 Boys Daniel Longley 4   Challengers
U14 Boys Amardip Ahluwalia 4   Challengers
U17 Girls Cassie Graham 3.5 Ultima Terafinal
U17 Boys Callum Brewer 4   Challengers