London Junior Chess Championships

28th-30th December 2017

It was the turn of the U8s and U12s to compete for the prestigious titles and (for the U12s) norms towards qualification to the NCJS.

Headline results:

U8 – Amelie Rees and Taran Sharma 4/7, Austin Mitchell 3½

U12 Minor – Thomas Martin and Jacob Wynn 5/9, Sophie Rees 4/9

U12 Major – Solomon Mitchell 5½ (half-norm)

16th-17th December 2017

As always, Sussex was well represented at the first weekend of the prestigious London Junior Chess Championships which saw action for the U10s and U14s.

Headline results:

U14 Major – Calum Salmons 3rd= with 4½/6

U10 Minor – Abhi Jadav 1st with 6½/7

Other 50%+ scores from Arjun, Jonathan, Polina and Max in the U14 Major; Theo and Elena in the U10 Major; and Kit and Toby in the U10 Minor.

Well done to all who took part in this traditionally high standard event.

Full results on the LJCC website