Worthing & District Schools Academy

Worthing & District Schools Chess Tournament, Thursday 21st December 2017

This was the 8th Academy event and we had a great turnout – 64 players, 9 school teams (3 or more players from one school) and 19 schools represented in all.  The aim of the event is to give children experience of playing outside of their home and school chess club – it is seen as a stepping stone into the main Sussex Junior Chess tournaments.

Thanks go to Durrington Community Centre for providing a great venue. Also a big thanks to Alex Miller, Jeny O’Donnell, James Truby (printer fixer!), Andy Cooper and various members of my family for running the tournament and providing refreshments.

Behaviour, sportsmanship and concentration from the children was terrific and the tournament was played in a great spirit.

The children were split into groups based on age.

It was great to see new faces and schools – Georgian Gardens (just half a point off 3rd place), Sion and Worthing High School (3rd place).

The schools team event was extraordinarily close. In the end, Lancing Prep (Worthing) took the trophy on 6th player tie-break from Broadwater Years 1-5. Only ½ point behind were Worthing High School who took away the 3rd place trophy. Georgian Gardens, Broadwater Year 6 and West Park were within a point of 3rd place.

Congratulations also to Arundel, Sion and St. Margaret’s who competed well with very inexperienced teams.

A tournament like this is not possible without support from the parents and helpers who give up their time to bring the children along, a big thanks to everyone.

Feedback on the event is welcomed, good or bad.  The event is held annually in the Christmas holidays and I will be in touch again nearer the time next year.  If you have any feedback, questions or queries then please contact me.

Dave Graham, Sussex Junior Chess Coach


Group 1: Years 1-3
1st Zen Rajah
2nd= Sebastian Marsh
Zach Planton
Albert Stubbs
3rd n/a


Group 2: Years 4-5
1st James Bashford
2nd= George Chalmers
James Zheng
3rd n/a


Group 3: Year 6
1st Joseph Leake
2nd= Tobias Bennett
Stevie Clark
Joseph Zheng
3rd n/a


Group 4: Years 7+
1st Callum Vyse
2nd= Michael Banks
Isaac Cooper
Thomas Leake
Jonny Townsend
3rd n/a

Arbiters’ Awards

Wilf Buchanan, Callum Buckley, Benjamin Chapman, Peter O’Donnell, Tumi Sebata, Oliver Seeds, Sajeev Selvasenthil, Alex Stephens, Jamie Truby

School Teams:

1st Lancing Prep, Worthing
2nd Broadwater Primary Years 1-5 9½ (on second tie-break)
3rd Worthing High School 9