Glorney Gilbert International 21st – 24th July, Dundalk

Arjun with the England Stokes (U12) Team

Congratulations to Arjun Kolani and Cassie Graham who were both selected to represent England in the annual Glorney-Gilbert International.

The event comprises a team round robin in 4 sections – The Glorney Cup (Under 18), the Gilbert Cup (U18 Girls), the Robinson Cup (Under 14) and the Stokes Cup (Under 12). The nations taking part this year are England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Wales with the Irish Chess Union hosting at the Carrickdale Hotel in Dundalk.

Arjun played board 1 for the England Stokes team who came a close second to the Netherlands by 17.5 game points to 19.

Cassie played board 1 for the England Gilbert team who won the event in a nailbiting last round just 1 game point ahead of France.