British Chess Championships 26th July – 4th August, Torquay

We have 2 Sussex Champions! Congratulations to Calum Salmons – Under 16 Champion with 5.5/7; and Polina Shchepinova 3rd= and Under 14 Girl Champion with 5/7.

Also Will Graham, 1st= in the Under 2050; Matthew Britnell 1st= in the Under 1900; Matthew Howell 1st= in the Under 1750; and Matt Payne 1st= in the Blitz.

Star of the show however is 18 year old Callum Brewer who scored 4½/9 in the main British Championship, turning in a TPR of nearly 2300 and winning the 2051-2200 grading prize.

I counted over 40 Sussex players, parents and coaches taking part in the prestigious British Chess Championships; some competing in more than one event.

With weeklong events, weekend events, junior-only events and grade-limited events there really is something for everyone. The Under-11 and Under-12 events have the added bonus of being ‘norm’ events towards qualification to the NCJS.

Congratulations to the following who scored 50% or more in their events (to be updated as events finish):

British Championship: Callum Brewer (4½/9 & grading prize)

Major Open: Matt Forster, Dave Graham, Dominic Miller (all 6/9, all qualify for the British Championships 2020; Matt additionally won a grading prize); Matt Payne (5½/9); Mikolaj Rogacewicz (4½/9)

Under 8: Seha Konara (3/6)

Under 9: Seha Konara (3/6)

Under 10: Kit Blades (3½/7)

Under 12: Solomon Mitchell (4/7)

Under 14: Polina Shchepinova (3rd= and Brtish U14 Girl Champion 5/7), Max Wilton (4/7), Henry Adams (4/7)

Under 16: Calum Salmons (British U16 Champion 5½/7)

Under 2050: Will Graham (1st=, 4/5), Chris Howell (3/5)

Under 1900: Matthew Britnell (1st=, 4½/5)

Under 1750: Matthew Howell (1st=, 5/5), Max Bennett (3rd=, 4/5), Polina Shchepinova (2½/5)

Blitz: Matt Payne (1st=, 8/9), Polina Shchepinova (5/9), MaxWilton (4½/9)

Rapidplay: Daniel Sutton (2nd= 7/9), Matt Forster (6½/9)

Over 65s: Chris Jones (4½/7)

Photos reproduced by kind permission of Chris Stratford