Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge Gigafinals 2019

Congratulations to our 5 Terafinalists – Seha Konara, Jonathan Britnell, Sophie Rees, Lilya Stewart and Thomas Finn….and to the many more who qualified for the Challengers. Good luck in the next stage.

Those scoring 3.5 points or more at the Megafinals in the Spring qualified for the third stage of the challenge – the regional Gigafinals.

This year there is a choice of 4 Gigafinals, all taking place between June and July. The format is similar to the Megafinals, but in a change of rules this season, only the first placed player in each age group qualifies for the National Terafinal in September. Those coming 2nd or 3rd in their age group, or scoring 4 points or more, qualify for the Challengers tournament in August.

Of the 177 Sussex players who qualified, over 160 attended one of the Gigafinals, with 43 making it through to the Challengers and 4 to the final stage the Terafinal.

On the Sunday of the Southern Gigafinal at Sandown Park GM Viktor Bologan presented the prizes.

Results Summary

Southern Gigafinal, Sandown Park- 20th/21st July 2019
Under 7 Boys Theo Field 4 Challengers
Under 7 Girls Seha Konara 6 (Ultima) Terafinal
  Avyanna Singh 4 (3rd) Challengers
Under 8 Boys ‘A’ Aran Skelton 4 Challengers
Under 8 Boys ‘B’ Nayan Keats Rastogi 4 Challengers
  Kaysan Salajee 4 Challengers
Under 9 Boys ‘A’ Charlie Wannasin Bell 4 Challengers
Under 9 Boys ‘B’ Austin Mitchell 5 Challengers
Under 9 Girls Amelie Rees 4½ (2nd=) Challengers
  Wenxuan Yang 4½ (2nd=) Challengers
  Ann Tagg 4 Challengers
Under 10 Boys ‘A’ Kit Blades 4 Challengers
  Hugo Ullmann 4 Challengers
Under 10 Boys ‘B’ Oliver Stockham Challengers
  Toby Appleton 4 Challengers
  James Bashford 4 Challengers
Under 10 Girls Lucy Lai 4 Challengers
Under 11 Boys ‘A’ Lachlan Stewart 5 (3rd) Challengers
  Rafe Chapman 4 Challengers
  Willem Van Der Werff 4 Challengers
Under 11 Boys ‘B’ Charles Godwin Challengers
  Louis Buckland 4 Challengers
  James Robertson 4 Challengers
Under 11 Girls Elena Currah Challengers
  Darcey Walker-Lee 4 Challengers
Under 12 Boys Ben Crosby Challengers
  Solomon Mitchell 4 Challengers
  Ayden Salajee 4 Challengers
  Jacob Wynn 4 Challengers
Under 12 Girls Sophie Rees 4 (2nd on tie-break) Terafinal
  Maya McMahon 3 (3rd) Challengers
Under 13 Boys Henry Adams 4 Challengers
  Leo Yu 4 Challengers
Under 13 Girls Elizabeth Finn 3 (2nd) Challengers
Under 14 Boys Jonathan Britnell 5 (Ultimo) Terafinal
  Max Wilton 4½ (2nd) Challengers
  Edward Gray 4 (3rd=) Challengers
Under 17 Girls Lilya Stewart 3½ (Ultima) Terafinal
Under 18 Boys Thomas Finn 3½ (Ultimo) Terafinal
London Gigafinal, Twickenham – 29th/30th June 2019
Under 8 Girls Emily Ashcroft 4 Challengers
Under 9 Boys ‘B’ Thomas Irani 5 Challengers
Under 11 Boys ‘A’ Paul MacCarthy 4 Challengers
Under 11 Boys ‘B’ Timmy Hedger 5 (2nd) Challengers
  Abhi Jadav 4½ (3rd=) Challengers
Under 14 Alec Hedger 4½ (3rd) Challengers
Under 16 Max Bennett 4 Challengers
Midlands Gigafinal, Solihull – 6th/7th July 2019
Under 10 Boys ‘A’ Adam Rafael Holmes 4 Challengers
Under 14 Girls Polina Shchepinova 3½ (3rd=) Challengers