British Chess Championships 2018

There is something for everyone at the British, plus a chance to rub shoulders with grandmasters. The distance meant there were fewer Sussex players to follow than usual …..

Event website:

Pairings and results:

Highlights (scoring 50% or more):

Championship: Matt Payne 4½/9 (grading prize for an excellent tournament including draws to a GM and 2 FMs, and a win over an IM); Dominic Miller 4/9

Major Open: Callum Brewer 6/9 (qualifies for 2019 British CC); Calum Salmons 5/9

U9: Amelie Rees joint top girl (4/6), Toby Ralph 3/6

U12: Arjun Kolani 2nd= (unbeaten 5/7 and the only player to take a half point from the winner); Leo Yu 3½/7

U14: Polina Shchepinova joint top girl 4/7

U16: Dominic Miller 5/7

Over 65: Chris Jones 5/7

U2050: Chris Howell 3½/5; Matthew Britnell 2½/5

Weekend Yates (U120): Leo Yu 3½/5

Rapidplay: Matt Forster 6½/9 (grading prize); Callum Vyse 4½