Southern Gigafinal 2016

Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge – Southern Gigafinal, 22nd-23rd July 2017, Orleans Park School, Twickenham

The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge journey started back in January in school chess clubs across the country with over 40,000 children entering nationwide.

In Sussex, nearly 80 Schools joined in the fun this year resulting in 405 children taking up their qualifying places at the Sussex Megafinal held in May, of whom over 153 qualified for the Southern Gigafinal. Of those, 123 took up their places, becoming part of the last 2000 players left in the competition nationwide – a fantastic achievement.

Younger boys (U7 – U10) compete on the Saturday, while all other age groups and all girl sections compete on the Sunday. Where entry numbers are large in an age-group the entry is split into parallel ‘A’ and ‘B’ sections designed to be of equal strength. Section winners earn the title Ultimo (boys), or Ultima (girls), and qualify for the final stage of the competition – the national Terafinal in August. In the event of a tie; prize money is shared but tie-break rules determine the title of Ultimo/a.

Those coming second or third qualify for the ‘Challengers’ competition which runs alongside the Terafinal. This usually requires a score of at least 4½ out of 6! New for this year everyone who scored 3½ points or more won a medal.

Well done to everyone who took part – the Gigafinal is a unique event which offers the opportunity to play against the very best in the South of England – and that will only strengthen your play. Whatever your score, come back again next year determined to improve your performance.

Prizewinners and Qualifiers:

U7B ‘B’ Zen Rajah 4   Medal
U7B ‘B’ Charlie Wannasin-Bell 4   Medal
U7B ‘B’ Rohan Gibbons   Medal
U7G Amelie Rees   Medal
U8B ‘B’ Thomas Kindell 4   Medal
U8B ‘B’ Toby Ralph 4   Medal
U8B ‘B’ James Bashford   Medal
U8B ‘B’ Arun Gibbons   Medal
U9B ‘A’ Abhi Jadav 4   Medal
U9B ‘B’ Henry Laurillard   Medal
U9B ‘B’ Harry Thurston   Medal
U9B ‘C’ Pranav Labroo 4   Medal
U9B ‘C’ Rafe Chapman   Medal
U9G Elena Currah Ultima Terafinal
U9G Lucy Hopkirk 4   Medal
U9G Sammy Sareen 4   Medal
U10B ‘B’ Solomon Mitchell   Medal
U10B ‘C’ Joshua Bee 5   Challengers
U10B ‘C’ Jacob Wynn   Medal
U10G Sophie Rees 5   Challengers
U10G Maya McMahon   Medal
U11B ‘A’ Thomas Dan 5   Challengers
U11B ‘A’ Cassius Johnson 4   Medal
U11B ‘A’ Thomas Martin 4   Medal
U11B ‘A’ Henry Adams   Medal
U11B ‘A’ Isaac Cooper   Medal
U11B ‘A’ Billy Hopkins   Medal
U11B ‘B’ Tom Howeson   Medal
U11B ‘B’ Bobbie Ridley   Medal
U11G Elizabeth Finn 1st= Challengers
U11G Laura Borland   Medal
U11G Lydia Munn   Medal
U11G Ruby Nunns   Medal
U12B Edward Gray 5   Challengers
U12B Max Wilton 5   Challengers
U12B Xavier Laurillard   Medal
U12B Giovanni Currah   Medal
U12B Daniel Longley   Medal
U12B Luke Moody   Medal
U12G Polina Shchepinova 6 Ultima Terafinal
U13B Calum Salmons 5   Challengers
U13B Michael Banks 4   Medal
U13B Ryan Sargent   Medal
U14B Scott Borland 5   Challengers
U14B Oli Howell 5   Challengers
U14B Daniel Finn   Medal
U14G Lucy Bennet-Stevens Ultima Terafinal
U15B Dominic Miller   Medal
U16B Mikolaj Rogacewicz 4   Challengers
U16G Cassie Graham 3 Ultima Terafinal

Well done to all the Sussex players who competed – just to qualify for the Gigafinal is an achievement in itself.