David Howell, aged 8, beats a GM

David Howell, aged 8, beats a Grandmaster! 29 Aug 1999

8 year old David Howell from Sussex stunned the chess world by beating England’s number 5 grandmaster Dr. John Nunn in a 5 minute blitz tournament at the Mind Sports Olympiad on Sunday 29th August. Dr Nunn is author of the bible of chess aficionados “Nunns Chess Openings”, and is also an acknowledged expert at the blitz form of the game.

There was a significant amount of media attention the following day with articles in most of the National broadsheet papers, the local Evening Argus, and interviews on the BBC Regional News, BBC Breakfast News and the BBC National Lunchtime news. (If you know of more, please e-mail me!). David wore his Sussex Junior Chess sweatshirt for at least the BBC Breakfast news, hopefully attracting attention to at least one of his many supporters!

David’s first success in chess was at a Sussex Chess tournament, and despite his phenomenal rise to the top of the game, he continues to support local Sussex events and teams.

David also recently scooped both the Under 9 and under 10 titles at the British Championships in Scarborough, with 7/7, and 6½/7 respectively. He was also 3rd in the under 11 age group with 5½ out of 7