Sussex Closed U7 Championships, 12th June, Lewes

Everyone you see at our events is a volunteer, so thanks to:

  • Tournament Control: Andy Mitchell, Gary McCulloch, Gareth Rees
  • Entries: Steve Merchant
  • Catering: Debbie Forster, Andy Collins, Teresa Blades, Ginny Mitchell

Headline Results

Individual Championship
1stDerik Kruger5
2ndJosiah McKie4
3rdNuvee Konara4
Top GirlSpriha Punjabi3
School Team Championship
1stCopthorne Prep
2ndHoly Trinity

Arbiters Awards:

George Brown, Jolin Brown, Aidan Iqbal, Yasin Khan-Ismail, Noah Shah, Hugo Storer, Clark Walsh


1Kruger, Derik500w19+b14+w4+b2+w5+5515
2McKie, Josiah500b17+b5+w3+w1-b4+4513
3Konara, Nuvee500b16+w13+b2-w12+b10+4512
4Gomez, Magnus500b18+w12+b1-w6+w2-3511
5Burnside, Euan500b6+w2-b8+w10+b1-3510
6Storer, Hugo500w5-b19+w18+b4-w14+358
7Punjabi, Spriha500b8=w10-b9+w13=b12+357.5
8Shah, Noah500w7=b15=w5-b19+w11+357.5
9Sihota, Narayan Singh500w14-b21+w7-b15+b13+357
10Williams, Neo500w15=b7+w14+b5-w3-59.5
11Walsh, Clark500b12-w16+b13=w18+b8-57.5
12Amin, Khush500w11+b4-w15+b3-w7-258
13Cox-Goodsell, Elliott500w21+b3-w11=b7=w9-257.5
14Brown, George500b9+w1-b10-w16+b6-257
15Patel, Joshil500b10=w8=b12-w9-b18+255.5
16Mittal, Rutva500w3-b11-w21+b14-b17+254
17Brown, Jolin500w2-b18-w19=b21+w16-53.5
18Nguyen, Timmy500w4-w17+b6-b11-w15-154
19Khan-Ismail, Yasin500b1-w6-b17=w8-b21=152
20Cocks, Oscar500bye=½0
21Iqbal, Aidan500b13-w9-b16-w17-w19=½50.5


A = Player’s score

B = Number of graded games played

T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores