South of England Junior Championships, Yateley

A clean sweep for Sussex in the U16 Closed section – well done Ed , Calum and Batuhan; qualification to the NCJS for Max; and prizes for Arjun and Henry.

The South of England Junior Championships is a popular stop-over on the NCJS qualification circuit, and also has events for all age groups.

As always, it was well supported by Sussex players.


Roundup of those scoring 50% or more:

Sections open to all:

Under 8: Henri Blin – 3/6

Under 10: Kit Blades – 4/6

Under 11: Elena Currah, Adam Faulkner, Theo Lawson – 3/5 (all half-norms towards invitation to the NCJS trial in April); Charles Godwin 2.5/5

Under 13: Henry Adams – 4.5/5 – 1st place; Jacob Wynn 3.5/5

Under 15: Michael Banks 3/5

Sections open only to NCJS players and those with one half-norm:

Under 12 Closed: Arjun Kolani – 3/5 – 3rd=

Under 14 Closed: Max Wilton – 3/5 – second half-norm and so qualified for the NCJS

Under 16 Closed: Edward Gray, Calum Salmons – 4/5 – Ed wins 1st place on tie-break; Batuhan Kaya – 3rd place