Sussex U8 Championships

Sussex Under-8 Championships

Saturday 28th October 2017, Birchwood Grove School, Burgess Hill

A small but determined band of under-8s (and Under-7s, and even an Under-6!) gave up the last Saturday of half term to compete for the Sussex under-8 title. Some were battle-hardened from last seasons’ championships…for others it was their first taste of competing outside their school chess clubs. The standard of chess was excellent with very few attempts at scholar’s mate and the sportsmanship was very good too with no disputes.

Thanks to all our volunteers; David Fryer for running the tournament assisted by Brian Stockham; Ed for the trophies; and Ed, Keith and Jane on catering.

We hope you all had a good time and look forward to seeing you again. Under-9 squad watch out – the under-8s will give you some strong competition at the Under-9 championships on 19th November!

Headline results:

U8 Individual Championship:

1st Austin Mitchell
2nd (on tie-break) Zen Rajah 4
3rd Alexander Lloyd 4
4th= Charlie Wannasin Bell
  Ben McKay
Top Girl Amelie Rees 3

Arbiters’ Awards:

Ned Hafner and Lorenzo Lynch (for good checkmates)

Aashil Agarwal, Liam Schofield and Lars Sonsthagen (for excellent determination and temperament at the board)

School Team Championship:

1st Copthorne Prep
2nd Birchwood Grove
3rd (on tie-break) Dorset House



Pos Name 1 2 3 4 5 A T
1 Mitchell, Austin b5+ w11+ b6= w8+ w2+ 13.5
2 Rajah, Zen w12+ b16+ b8+ w4+ b1- 4 14.0
3 Lloyd, Alexander b8- w17+ b16+ w6+ b7+ 4 10.0
4 Wannasin-Bell, Charlie w15+ b13+ b7+ b2- w6= 12.5
5 McKay, Ben w1- b21+ w19+ b10= b11+ 9.0
6 Rees, Amelie w13+ b9+ w1= b3- b4= 3 11.0
7 Blin, Henri w14+ b10+ w4- b9+ w3- 3 11.0
8 Sharma, Taran w3+ b19+ w2- b1- w17+ 3 10.0
9 Van Der Wee, Fred b17+ w6- b14+ w7- b12+ 3 9.0
10 Bladd-Symms, Jensen b20+ w7- b12= w5= b14+ 3 8.5
11 Jessup, Noah w21+ b1- w15= b19+ w5- 8.5
12 Pokorowski, Konrad b2- bye+ w10= b15+ w9- 7.5
13 Hafner, Ned b6- w4- b20+ w16+ b15= 5.5
14 Lynch, Lorenzo b7- w20+ w9- b21+ w10- 2 6.0
15 Rubakaran, Ajin b4- w18+ b11= w12- w13= 2 6.0
16 Zhang, Jack b18+ w2- w3- b13- w20+ 2 6.0
17 Rastogi, Nayan Keats w9- b3- bye+ w18+ b8- 2 5.0
18 Akingbade, Tobi w16- b15- w21+ b17- w19+ 2 4.0
19 Agarwal, Aashil bye+ w8- b5- w11- b18= 5.5
20 Schofield, Liam w10- b14- w13- bye+ b16- 1 2.0
21 Sonsthagen, Lars b11- w5- b18- w14- bye+ 1 1.0



A = Player’s score

T = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores