Sussex Under-11 Team

4-Counties Match, sunday 11th February, Maidenhead

First outing for the new Sussex under-11 team who travelled to Maidenhead to play Oxfordshire, Maidenhead and Buckinghamshire.

The Team:

Matthew Armstrong, Joshua Bee, Rafe Chapman, Sorcha Chapman, Stevie Clark, Ben Crosby, Peter Crosby, Elena Currah, Abhi Jadav, Laurie Kendall, Henry Laurillard, Nicky Magrin, Lauren Manchester, Amelie Rees, Sophie Rees, James Robertson, Ayden Salajee, Lachlan Stewart, Jacob Wynn

Headline Results:

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Oxfordshire  12  12½  13½ 38
Sussex  11½  11   32
Maidenhead  10½  6½  10½ 27½
Bucks  6  10  6½ 22½