Schools Butler Cup Competition

Schools Butler Cup – Round 1 to be played by 15th December

Group Team




Match Points

Game Points


A1 St. Andrew’s Prep            
A2 Brambletye Prep A            
A3 Lewes Old Grammar School            
A4 Uckfield CTC B            
B1 Brambletye Prep B            
B2 Great Walstead            
B3 St. Richard’s            
B4 Uckfield CTC A            
C1 Ardingly A            
C2 Ashdown House            
C3 Downlands B            
C4 St Catherine’s College            
D1 Ardingly B            
D2 Hurstpierpoint A            
D3 Westbourne House A            
D4 Windlesham House C            
E1 Brighton College B            
E2 Copthorne Prep            
E3 Downlands A            
E4 Hurstpierpoint C            
F1 Brighton College A            
F2 Hurstpierpoint B            
F3 Windlesham House A            
F4 Worthing High B            
G1 Great Ballard            
G2 Westbourne House B            
G3 Windlesham House B            
G4 Worthing High A