British Chess Championships 2017, Llandudno

There is something for everyone at the British, plus a chance to rub shoulders with grandmasters. As usual, there was a lot of Sussex interest to follow…..


Major Open: Dominic Miller & Morgan Blake 2nd= & BCC Qualifying place for 2018 (6½/9); Will Graham BCC Qualifying place for 2018 (6/9)

U8: 3/6 for Toby Ralph

U11: Half-norms for Leo Yu (4½/7), Oliver Faulkner (4/7) and Elizabeth Finn (4/7); 3/7 for Adam Faulkner, still only an U8

U12: Second half-norm for Leo Yu (4/7); Jonathan Britnell (4/7); Polina Shchepinova (3½/7)

U14: George Neale & Edward Gray (4/7); Calum Salmons (3½/7)

U16: Dominic Miller 2nd= (5/7); JuJu Samworth-Calvier (4/7)

U180: Chris Howell 2nd= (4/5)

Weekend Soanes: Thomas Finn (3½/5)


Full list of Sussex competitors below……full results and cross tables are on the British Championships website

British Championship: Amardip Ahluwalia, Callum Brewer, Dave Graham, Oli Howell, Ollie Willson

Major Open: Morgan Blake, Cassie Graham, Will Graham, Dominic Miller, George Neale, JuJu Samworth-Calvier

U8: Toby Ralph

U9: Henry Laurillard

U10: n/a

U11: Adam Faulkner, Oliver Faulkner, Elizabeth Finn, Leo Yu

U12: Jonathan Britnell, Polina Shchepinova, Leo Yu

U14: Edward Gray, George Neale, Calum Salmons

U16: Dominic Miller, JuJu Samworth-Calvier

U100: n/a

U120: n/a

U140: Freddie Coleman, Arthur Graham

U160: Matthew Britnell, Freddie Coleman, Tim Woods

U180: Chris Howell, Calum Salmons

AM Open: n/a

Weekend Open: Martin Faulkner

Weekend U150: Freddie Coleman, Daniel Finn, Thomas Finn, Xavier Laurillard, Tim Woods

Weekend U120: Andrew Laurillard

Rapidplay: Freddie Coleman, Cassie Graham, George Neale