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Sussex vs Rest of England (23 Jun 01)

The prize for becoming national under 11 champions in 2000 was to play a 24 board match against the Rest of England. As expected, the Rest of England players were made up of the top boards from other counties, and proved too strong for Sussex despite the inclusion of some of last year’s successful team. There were some very good performances in the top half, particulrly from Sebastian Pozzo, Joe Richardson and Andrew Tucker who either won or drew both their games. This achievement will certainly not have done their future prospects any harm.

The final result was 37½ to 10½ in favour of the Rest of England.

Rest of England   Sussex   Rest of England
Tom Harbour ½ – ½ Sebastian Pozzo ½ – ½ Thomas Pym
Thomas Pym 1 – 0 Stephanie Barraclough ½ – ½ Tom Harbour
Joseph Jervis ½ – ½ Grant Bucher 0 – 1 Henry Kingston
Henry Kingston 1 – 0 Adam Prescott 1 – 0 Joseph Jervis
Nicholas Kidson 1 – 0 Danny Glebocki 0 – 1 Arthur Truslove
Arthur Truslove 1 – 0 Charles de Nicolay ½ – ½ Nicholas Kidson
Aidan Glennie ½ – ½ Joe Richardson 1 – 0 Graham Hantman
Graham Hantman 0 – 1 Daniel Khoo 0 – 1 Aidan Glennie
Yvette Cook 0 – 1 Andrew Tucker ½ – ½ Yasmin Ball
Yasmin Ball 1 – 0 Eleanor Hayden 1 – 0 Yvette Cook
Robyn Smith 1 – 0 Steven Stracey 0 – 1 Luke Emmanuel
Luke Emmanuel 1 – 0 Harry Mayhew 0 – 1 Robyn Smith
Andrew Bayliss 0 – 1 Katherine Rattle 0 – 1 Charles Evans
Charles Evans 1 – 0 Jonathan Paley 0 – 1 Andrew Bayliss
James Stansfield 1 – 0 Christopher Linnett 0 – 1 David Donaghy
David Donaghy 0 – 1 Tristan Blundell 0 – 1 James Stansfield
Hannah Dale 1 – 0 Trevelyan Harper 0 – 1 Nippy Wallis
Nippy Wallis 1 – 0 Simon Bell 0 – 1 Hannah Dale
William Waters 1 – 0 Sarah Linnett 0 – 1 Matthew Smitten
Matthew Smitten 1 – 0 Harry Hawkins 0 – 1 William Waters
Edward Ward 1 – 0 Jolyon Palmer 0 – 1 Sam Cloake
Sam Cloake 1 – 0 Elliot Smith 0 – 1 Edward Ward
Tom McNally 1 – 0 Abi Fryer 0 – 1 Jamie Powell
Jamie Powell 1 – 0 James Arnold 0 – 1 Tom McNally
18½ – 5½ 5 – 19

EPSCA U11 England team trials (29 April 01)

Grant Bucher and Stephanie Barraclough.of Sussex scored 4 out of 6 at the EPSCA England under 11 team trials in Liverpool this weekend. They were closely followed by other Sussex stalwarts Joe Richardson and Sebastian Pozzo who scored 3 out of 6. Many congratulations to them all.

Mid Sussex Tournament (30 Mar 01)

This event is an increasingly popular tournament sponsored by the Mid Sussex Times and organised by St. Lawrence School, Hurstpierpoint. I am grateful to one of the organisers, Margaret Tester for sending this report:

On Friday 30th March The annual Mid Sussex Chess Tournament was held in St Lawrence C of E Primary School Hurstpierpoint. Eight schools took part in the afternoon, 2 more than last year. The standard of play gets higher each year and this year was no exception. The Swiss Style competition was played with 5 rounds of half an hour each. The top 3 in each school counted for the school title. The second and third places were decided by including the fourth placed player.

Team Results

1st St Lawrence C of E Primary Hurstpierpoint 13 points

2nd Birchwood Grove Primary Burgess Hill 11 points

3rd Lindfield Primary Haywards Heath 11 points

4th Harlands Haywards Heath 10 ½ points

5th Holy Trinity Primary Cuckfield 8 points

6th Warninglid Primary 7 points

7th St Peters Ardingly 6 ½ points

8th St Wilfrids Burgess Hill 4 ½ points

Individual Winners

1st=  Stephanie Barraclough Lindfield joint winner

        Grant Bucher St Lawrence joint winner

3rd Simon Wilcox Birchwood Grove

Thanks to everyone who made this tournament such an enjoyable occasion. To those who scored, paired players after each round, made refreshment, oversaw the children between rounds, encouraged their teams in such a sporting way and cleared up at the end a VERY big thank you. The children behaved admirably and so made the event that much easier for the organisers.

Grateful thanks to the Mid Sussex Times whose sponsorship enabled us to provide trophies, medals, certificates and refreshment for this event.

It is good to see more joining in and we hope that other small schools will join the competition next year. With a minimum of three in a team it is a suitable event for large and small schools to meet together on an equal footing.

South of England Junior Championships (3-4 Feb 01)

A small but confident contingent of Sussex players travelled to the South of England Championships with very different goals in mind. For some it was qualification for the EPSCA squad trials or to make a mark in the closed tournaments, and for others it was to have some fun. In the end, one of the players along for the fun produced the outstanding performance. Simon Tucker was a clear second in the under 8’s with 4½ out of 6. Stephanie Barraclough came joint 3rd with 4 out of 5 in the under 11’s and gained her second full qualification for the trials. Grant Bucher and Joe Richardson both scored 3, giving Grant his second part qualification and a place at the trials.

Under 14 (Closed)
Theo Penty 2/5
David Barraclough 2/5
Under 11 Championship
Stephanie Barraclough 4/5
Grant Bucher 3/5
Joe Richardson 3/5
Daniel Khoo 2½/5
Andrew Tucker 2½/5
Under 8
Simon Tucker 4½/6

Shoreham Airport training (4 Nov 00)

Ninety children from Sussex Junior Chess invaded Shoreham Airport for the November training and fun day. A little chess was fitted in between a tour of the airport and a talk by world champion memory man Daniel Tammet. They were also treated to a real emergency when a light aircraft blew a tyre on the runway, and was attended to by the full airport emergency services. For those interested in the chess, a team of selected West Sussex players beat a team from East Sussex by 3 – 1 in the Jade Air hangar surrounded by aircraft.

The television crew from Meridian TV got their scoop when Daniel had a slight hiccup in remembering one of the 4 digit numbers on a grid of 10 x 10. (400 numbers in all). However it should be said that he only drew the grid up the night before, and many of us have difficulty in remembering our single four digit PIN numbers !!

SJC would like to thank all the organisers and sponsors for arranging such a fantastic day out, and also the weather for providing a chink of sunshine in an otherwise wet week.