The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge Sussex Megafinal, 11th May

400 children aged 4 – 18 contested the Sussex Megafinal, hoping to progress to the next stage, the regional Gigafinals, in July.

We are very grateful to the parents and volunteers who contributed to making the day run smoothly:

Friday set up: Oluseye Balogun , Tom Borland, Derek Ferguson, Mark Godwin, Keith Martin, Karen Meakings, Andy Mitchell, Jonathan Tuck

Car park marshalls: Graham Banks, Jan Crosby & Simon Ralph

Registration: Boo Sherriff, Mimi Khan, Anita McMahon, Claire Ralph, James Rayment, Jen Robertson, Becs Wynn supported by Toby Appleton, Elizabeth Finn and Jacob Wynn

Catering: Jane Armstrong, Teresa Blades, Ed Chapman, Derek Ferguson, Keith Martin, Debbie Steinhuis, Pam Stockham, Tjadane Ullmann

U7s tournament control: Gary McCulloch and Karen Meakings

Main Hall tournament control: Mark Appleton, Tom Borland, Jithendra Chikkanna, Mark Currah, Dave Graham, Sue Howell, Jaideep Jadav, Chris Jones, Sandra Manchester and Trevor Norton supported by Toby & Jessica Appleton and Lauren Manchester

Upstairs Hall tournament control: Peter & Catherine Finn, Mike Forster, Chris Howell, Mimi Khan, Anita McMahon, Andy Mitchell Chaski Patrick and Boo Sherriff

Photography: David Gray, Jaideep Jadav

Clear up: the catering crew and Tjadane Ullmann

Special thanks to David Fryer (Crowborough Chess Club) and Andrew Wallace (Chess in Schools & Communities) who stepped in to lend us chess equipment

Headline results

Section Name Score Result
U7 Boys Theo Field 5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Charles Adams 5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Aditya Gupta 5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Samuel Baggalley 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  James Stafford 4 3rd= and top U5 Gigafinalist
  William Roderick 4 Top U6 Gigafinalist
  Lucas Spellman Walsh 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Samuel Trotman 3.5   Gigafinalist
U7 Girls Seha Konara 5.5 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Ella Bartholomew 4.5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Avyanna Singh 4.5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Tofunmi Balogun 4 3rd Gigafinalist
  Sophia Smallman 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Isabella Walsh 3.5 Top U6 Gigafinalist
U8 Boys Nayan Keats Rastogi 6 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Kaysan Salajee 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  James Beecroft 5 3rd Gigafinalist
  George Tagg 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Cem Ozdemirciler 4.5   Gigafinalist
  George Boxer 4   Gigafinalist
  Konrad Pokorowski 4   Gigafinalist
  Adam Robinson 4   Gigafinalist
  Kelvin Frempong 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Fiyin Balogun 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Saxon Archbold 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Joshua Ganesalingam 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Daniel Aston-Dive 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Luke Chapman 3.5   Gigafinalist
  James Bristow 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Adam Skelton 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Dashiell Osborn 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Finley Cheesman 3.5   Gigafinalist
U8 Girls Emilia Butler 4.5 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Alice Watson 4.5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Mischa Floyd 4.5 3rd Gigafinalist
  Louisa Kiss 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Jessica Appleton 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Ellen Camp 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Shantelle Doria 3.5   Gigafinalist
U9 Boys Thomas Irani 5.5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Cillian Nagy 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Sanjit Baber 5 3rd Gigafinalist
  Zen Rajah 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Austin Mitchell 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Taran Sharma 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Charlie Wannasin-Bell 4   Gigafinalist
  Joseph Johnson 4   Gigafinalist
  Samuel Dare 4   Gigafinalist
  Jack Zhang 4   Gigafinalist
  Arana Jones 4   Gigafinalist
  Sebastian Marsh 4   Gigafinalist
  Quinn Stephenson 4   Gigafinalist
  Yoting Wang 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Emerson Purvis 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Woody Rogers 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Corin Gates 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Edward Gray 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Ned Hafner 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Joseph O’Connor 3.5   Gigafinalist
U9 Girls Amelie Rees 6 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Risha Jithendra 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Lowenna Godfrey 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Natalie Van Hoven 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Niamh MacCarthy 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Wenxuan Yang 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Ann Tagg 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Emma Bourner 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Evie Doherty 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Queenie Thomas 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
U10 Boys Kit Blades 5.5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Toby Ralph 5 2nd  Gigafinalist
  James Bashford 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Arun Gibbons 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Oliver Stockham 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Adam Faulkner 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Alex Rogers-Pereira 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Graham Stafford 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Hugo Ullmann 4   Gigafinalist
  Toby Appleton 4   Gigafinalist
  Harry Haynes 4   Gigafinalist
  Rex Rynish 4   Gigafinalist
  Oliver Wilson 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Benjamin Brooks 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Noah Madden 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Harrison Murphy 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Harrison Orme 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Sam Godfrey 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Ivan Wray 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Matthew Collins 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Nathan Smith 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Seoyoon Ko 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Sammy Barton 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Zachary Edmondson 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Ruben Karapetyan 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Albie Whitaker Webb 3.5   Gigafinalist
U10 Girls Lucy Lai 6 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Alise Petersone 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Tils Dunne-Nguyen 4 3rd Gigafinalist
  Eve Bradshaw 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Millie Davis 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Emma Hardcastle 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Abigail Frempong 3.5   Gigafinalist
U11 Boys Timmy Hedger 5.5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Charles Godwin 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  James Robertson 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Lachlan Stewart 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Abhi Jadav 5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Paul MacCarthy 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Freddie Day 4.5   Gigafinalist
  Matthew Armstrong 4   Gigafinalist
  Chamithu Wickramanayake 4   Gigafinalist
  Rafe Chapman 4   Gigafinalist
  Willem Van Der Werff 4   Gigafinalist
  William Gray 4   Gigafinalist
  Louis Buckland 4   Gigafinalist
  Max Massey 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Callum Shuttlewood 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Alexander Lebedev 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Jp Haban 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Cameron Cooper 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Hayden Leeson 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Daniel Van Hoven 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Tommy Atkins 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Will Smithyes 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Alexander Ballard 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Luca Rampling 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Leon Patel 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Justin Bailey 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Thomas Baggalley 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Danny Biddlecombe 3.5   Gigafinalist
U11 Girls Elena Currah 6 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Darcey Walker-Lee 5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Ruby Davis 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Madison Cox 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Thamadi Wickramanayake 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Sammy Sareen 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Sophie Gore 3.5   Gigafinalist
U12 Boys Solomon Mitchell 5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Jacob Wynn 4.5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Peter Crosby 4.5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Ayden Salajee 4.5 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Ben Crosby 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Javier Gomez 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Joshua Bee 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Benjamin Pearce 3.5   Gigafinalist
  James Hanson 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Annamalai Nachiappan 3.5   Gigafinalist
U12 Girls Sophie Rees 4 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Maya McMahon 4 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Madelaine Wilkinson 4 2nd= Gigafinalist
  Lauren Manchester 3.5   Gigafinalist
U13 Boys Henry Adams 5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Leo Yu 4.5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Thomas Daniszewski 4.5 3rd Gigafinalist
  Thomas Martin 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Elliott Hookway 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Oliver Faulkner 3.5   Gigafinalist
U13 Girls Elizabeth Finn 5.5 Suprema Gigafinalist
  Lydia Munn 3.5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Anna Sherriff 3 3rd  
U14 Boys Jonathan Britnell 4.5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Max Wilton 4.5 2nd Gigafinalist
  Edward Gray 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Alec Hedger 4 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Richard Campbell 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Giovanni Currah 3.5   Gigafinalist
  Charlie Giles 3.5   Gigafinalist
U14 Girls Nona Allenby 1 Suprema Gigafinalist
U15 Boys Henry Shaw 4.5 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Benedict Weis 4 2nd Gigafinalist
  Michael Banks 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
  Toby Anderson 3.5 3rd= Gigafinalist
U16 Boys Max Bennett 4 Supremo Gigafinalist
U17 Boys Dominic Miller 6 Supremo Gigafinalist
  Matthew Forster 4.5 2nd Gigafinalist
U17 Girls Lilya Stewart 3.5 U17 Suprema Gigafinalist
U18 Boys Thomas Finn 4.5 U18 Supremo Gigafinalist

Cross Tables:

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Under 8 Girls

Under 9 Boys

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Under 10 Boys

Under 10 Girls

Under 11 Boys

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Under 12 Boys

Under 12 – 13 Girls

Under 13 Boys

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