The Sir Patrick Moore Cup

This trophy was presented to SJC by the late Sussex astronomer, broadcaster and chessplayer Sir Patrick Moore.

Between 2000 and 2007, and revived in 2017, it is awarded to the victor of the biennial Sussex vs. Ireland friendly tournament.

Since 2013 it has also been awarded to the winner of the annual U11 Girls vs U9 Boys match

Date Venue Winners
March 2019 Dundalk Ireland
February 2018 Crawley Sussex
March 2017 Dublin Sussex
03/03/2019 Bexhill U11 Girls
04/03/2018 Bexhill U9 Boys
04/03/2017 Bexhill U9 Boys
28/02/2016 Bexhill U11 Girls
01/03/2015 Bexhill U9 Boys
02/03/2014 Bexhill U9 Boys
03/03/2013 Bexhill U9 Boys
June 2007 Crawley Sussex
Feb 2005 Shannon Sussex
April 2002 Hove Sussex
April 2000 Dublin Ireland